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April 11, 2019 Bedroom Design Ideas

How to Choose Bedroom Closet Doors

Bedroom closet doors – The wardrobe doors are a decisive element when it comes to saving space in the room, decorating it or renovating the furniture. You can choose between different types of doors (folding, folding or sliding) in various colors and styles. Choose the finish that best suits your decorative needs. The combination of the wardrobe with the rest of the decoration is important. Since the wardrobe is one of the most imposing elements within a bedroom.

The way of opening the bedroom closet doors is conditioned by the space you have in the room. Since some occupy more space than others when opening. They open at an angle of 90 degrees, so you must have 50 to 70 cm free between the cabinet. And other elements of the room to facilitate its opening. They open by means of hinges, which are installed easily and quickly.

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Composed of several sheets that are folded together with the fittings of a folding kit. They can be folded right or left or both sides. Depending on the size of the furniture and the number of hours necessary to close it completely. They are placed on the sides of the cabinet modules. Its main advantage is that they occupy less space when opening them than the folding ones and allow a better access to the interior of the wardrobe than the sliding ones. You will find standard doors of 30 or 40 cm, with which you can build folding bedroom closet doors of 60 and 80 cm.

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