Drawer Dresser With Mirror Design

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Rustic Drawer Dresser With Mirror

Drawer dresser with mirror – Well, taking these pieces as a reference and using very few materials and tools we will create a dresser drawer. In addition, it is a very practical piece of furniture. With a drawer in which we can store lots of things. And we will put some wheels that will allow us to move it easily when it comes to cleaning tasks. To carry out this work, we will use DM board, 17 mm thick for the structure of the furniture and 10 mm for the drawer. This is a very easy material to work with. So you can cut the pieces ourselves with the circular saw or with the jigsaw.

The assembly of the drawer dresser with mirror will be divided into two parts. On the one hand we will make the exterior structure of the furniture and, on the other, the interior drawer. As the unions will be with tour-billion. You can make the holes in the pieces of DM with the help of a guide to epigram. The drill, a drill of 8 mm of diameter and a stop of depth.

Make drawer dresser with mirror, you can give mounting adhesive in the holes and edges of the two side pieces and the back. We introduce the tour-billions with the wooden mallet. Once the three pieces are joined in a “U” shape, place the top cover and then the bottom cover. To do this work you can use the wooden mallet and a martyr to avoid damaging the DM when hitting.

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