Embed Twitter clips in iBooks


Embed a live twitter feed into your iBooks

This widget makes it easy to add either your own twitter feed, or a predefined twitter search term or hashtag. The widget automatically updates the twitter feed when online every 30 seconds.

Select what type of twitter widget you want, enter the twitter name or hashtag details, then click "Create Widget" to download your custom Twitter Widget!

Twitter User Twitter Search or Hashtag
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Class Widgets has changed to Bookry.com

We're really excited to announce that Bookry, the new iBooks Author service from Class Widgets, is now online at http://www.bookry.com/

All of the widgets have received an update to work with iBooks Author 2 and iBooks 3, and continue to be freely available on Bookry, alongside some new free templates.


Go to the free widgets on Bookry.com